Stuck in the Middle was founded in 2006 by Sean Meade.  While serving in the local church as a middle school pastor, Sean recognized the great need for resources and events that were created intentionally for middle school students.  He wanted something that wasn’t a slightly cooler version of a kids program or a dumbed down version of a high school event… so he created Stuck in the Middle to fill that gap in student ministry.

From the beginning, Stuck in the Middle events and resources were designed with the specific cognitive abilities and preferences of middle school students in mind.  Through partnerships with Simply Youth Ministry, Simply Junior High and Barefoot Publishing, Stuck in the Middle created a multitude of resources for students.  Stuck also expanded it’s single weekend conference into a North American conference tour that included events on both coasts, throughout the midwest and even a handful of events in Canada.

After traveling the country for several years with the weekend conferences, founder Sean Meade began to feel the call to return to the local church again.  In September of 2011 he and his family relocated from Kansas to Southern California, where Sean now leads the middle school team at Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village.  In 2013, Stuck in the Middle took a one year hiatus from all events before re-launching with a single SoCal conference in 2014.  In 2015, Stuck in the Middle will host a second conference in SoCal, with plans to expand to additional cities in 2016.

"Our youth group attended Stuck in the Middle and we were absolutely amazed! This program engaged and excited our entire group in our relationships with each other and with God. We know whatever they do will be great because we trust their hearts and their wisdom with middle school students!"

− Derek Steinacher

"I love the impact Stuck in the Middle has on my students! Stuck is more than an event. It’s an intentional yearly step in faith development!"

− Ken Rawson

"Stuck in the Middle was an amazing experience for our middle school kids. I’m excited to bring my kids back next year and see what Sean and Stuck in the Middle have in store for us."

− Chris Berger